Nexpep is an early stage biotechnology company focused on developing a treatment for coeliac disease, and a set of diagnostic and monitoring tools to manage patient health.


Nexpep’s treatment is a desensitisation therapy using a series of peptides which target the different genetic forms of coeliac disease. This peptide based immunotherapy is designed to desensitise the patient’s immune system to gluten toxic peptides.


This treatment approach to an immune disease is not unique, and there is sufficient evidence of desensitisation in other disorders. This approach may lead Nexpep to expand it’s development into therapies for other autoimmune disorders in the future.


Nexpep is in a unique position, holding the relevant patents to diagnostics and treatments utilising the gluten peptides recognised by T cells in coeliac disease. No other group or company is pursuing peptide immunotherapy for coeliac disease.


Nexpep is looking for a partner to co-develop a diagnostic for coeliac disease.


Nexpep’s research and development program was performed at The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research (WEHI) in Melbourne, Australia, under a collaborative research agreement between Nexpep, WEHI and the Royal Melbourne Hospital / Melbourne Health.


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